Infographics make pretty nice wall decorations in a classroom! But they are also nice to have on the web. When your students know they are going to have a greater audience they put much more effort into their work. Here's one way to display an infographic.

1. Make an infographic using your tool of choice. Print it for your classroom or for your student's physical (not digital) portfolio.
2. Save it as a PDF (on a Mac, File/Print, choose Save as a PDF).
3. Go to If you don't have an account, set one up.
4. In Scribd upload the pdf form of the infographic.
5. When it is finished processing, copy the embed code.
6. In your wiki, blog, or web pages, paste the embed code in a widget and save.
7. That's it! The infographic should now show up on the page. Here's an example of an infographic made by a 4th grader.

Gwc Info Graphic Jane