There are many tools available that make creating graphs and charts easy. Students should NOT copy/paste one from the Internet. Rather they should find the data and create the display themselves. This will deepen their level of understanding.

This is one of the most popular tools for creating/publishing an infographic.

Create A Graph
This is a quick, easy method to create a graph. Enter your data into this tool. Choose the type of display you'd like to have: bar graph, pie graph, line, area, or xy graph. Watch the tutorial if you need help with this tool.

This is another method of creating a variety of graphs. The graph below might be used on an infographic about elections.

Applications on Your Computer to Make Graphs/Charts
Pages (Mac), Numbers (Mac), Microsoft Word, and Excel can all be used for making graphs from scratch. They all have similar features. YouTube has several videos on making graphs in Word and Excel. Another option would be to use Google Spreadsheets.

Gathering Data
The following tools are pretty popular right now for collecting data by polling people.
Poll Everywhere - the beauty of this one is that participants can use their cell phones to respond to poll questions.
Survey Monkey - this is easy to make. Read the specifications. On the free side, here's a limit to how many people can take the polls.
Google Form (located in Google Docs) - this is my favorite method. I like how the data populates the Google spreadsheet. Then within the spreadsheet you can manipulate the data and/or export to excel. There's no limit to how many can complete the Google form.
Personal Response Systems - eInstruction clickers, Activexpressions, Sentios, etc. can all be used to poll students in the classroom.

Also visit Tony Vincent's page on student response systems.