We can't preach enough to our students that they have to cite their sources. (I'm so thankful we don't have to preach the punctuation of citations anymore!) There are several online citation makers. The one listed here, BibMe, is collaborative. So if several students are working together on a project they can all access the site from their own computers and add their citations.



Here's a tutorial on BibMe.

Using a QR Code for your Citation Page
The information/data for the infographics that you and your students create will come from several sources. As a teacher wouldn't you prefer to just click on the URL in the sources rather than type it in? Consider having your students create a wiki page for their sources. Then you can just click on the links to check their sources. Now the list of URL's really isn't very visual for the infographic. Instead create a QR code for the pages of citations. Copy/paste the QR code on the infographic.
Use to create your QR code.