Below are examples of some interesting infographics. Click on the link below each picture to see the complete infographic. At the bottom of this page you'll find how to search for infographics. Find infographics that will complement your instruction. These look great on classroom walls when they've been printed and laminated or can be embedded on your blog or wiki page.

"Ode to Steve Jobs"

Peanut Butter: Heaven in a Jar

Scary Truth about Movie Theater Snacks

World Trade Center Reborn

Anatomy of a Hurricane

2012 Election Preview

Into the Blue: The Ocean's Deepest Divers

Help students discover the mystery of how Penguins dive so deeply.

Penguins March
A Year in the Life of the Penguins

Identity Theft Facts and Figures
One in every 10 consumers have been victims of identity theft. What is identity theft and what can you do about it?

Use Your Head Infographic
This infographic encourages people to wear helmets while skiing and snowboarding.

How Technology Changed the Medical Industry?
This infographic shares how medical technology improves treatment, influences survival rate, and lists helpful healthcare apps.

How to 'Hunting Wild Turkeys and Other Facts"
Learn about wild turkeys! For those students who love to hunt, they would love to research turkeys, deer, wild pigs, etc. Students perform so much better when they are interested in the topic!

Go Study
Students use their smart phone to study more, and study more efficiently.

Introduction to Infographics LiveBinder by Carolyn Jo Starkey
This is a great resource. It has many infographics linked by categories.

History of the Christmas Tree
This is an interesting way to show a timeline - very clever.

The Lifespan of a Dollar Bill
Various statistics on the cost of producing money and the how long it stays in circulation.

15 Awesome and Creative Infographics
Most of these are related to technology (twitter vs. facebook, the Rise of eReaders, etc.).

The Creative Process
A comic-like infographic illustrating the beginning of an idea down to the bumpy road to brilliance.

Searching for Infographics

1. Using your favorite search engine (Google, Yahoo, etc.) search for the topic of your choice and add the word 'infographic'. For example, search for 'tornado infographic'. For best results, choose Images. I found the peanut butter infographic by searching for 'George Washington Carver infographic'.
2. Do a google search on the word 'infographic'. Choose images so you can see a variety of images for infographics.
3. Use the following sites to look for infographics:

Most Infographics are so interesting, informative, and engaging because of their visual displays. Students should take a little extra time to make sure that everything they add to their infographic is visually appealing. The book below by Lynell Burmark on Visual Literacy is an excellent book for helping teachers learn the basics of visual literacy and how to pass that knowledge on to their students.